Introducing America with Relish

So I’d been thinking about setting up this blog for a while before I came to New York. It would be a place to write about the US through the medium of burgers. I like burgers, you see. 

The name for the blog had been mulled. And a few ideas for topics considered. But, inevitably, I was on the road before I’d had a chance to set anything up, dispatched to cover the unrest in Ferguson. My plans for choosing a template, header, name and so on were cut short. Once in Missouri, I had a couple of ideas for posts so just cracked on, figuring I could introduce the blog and sort out the design later on.

Which for my money is the best way to set up a blog. I’ve seen too many where the writer has clearly spent weeks fiddling with the design, introducing fancy widgets and so on, then doesn’t have much to say. I’ll be fiddling with this site when I have the time…

So here it is. America with Relish. I’ll be posting here as often as I can, while I conduct my search for America’s best burger.

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