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On the Road

  There’s nothing better as a journalist than getting out on the road. Except perhaps for getting out on the road in America, a land of big cars, wide roads and wider skies. And as many cliches as you can … Continue reading

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The Donald and the Goat – or the appeal of Trump

The Trump show has been a blast from the minute he descended into his own campaign launch by golden escalator, accused Mexico of sending rapists north of the border and walked into a row with Neil Young over his use … Continue reading

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I take my burgers like Keith Hernandez

You don’t pick your teams. They pick you. That, anyway, is how I roll. So while I admire Kevin Clark‘s recent effort in deciding between Mets and Yankees – trying both teams for a month, wearing the caps and watching … Continue reading

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You don’t need Islam to explain the Chattanooga shootings

Chattanooga is not Murfreesboro, where plans to expand a mosque sparked protests and ill-feeling. Instead, the doctors who made up the board of the Islamic Society of Greater Chattangooga invited Bassam Issa, a real estate developer, to join them in order to … Continue reading

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The seat facing the door

To be honest, I didn’t really think about it, just plonking myself down in the chair facing the door. Reda Hassaine hesitated, unsure of quite what to do. Then he face broke into a broad grin and and sat down. “For … Continue reading

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Burger the Bragg, Confuse the enemy

A lot has happened in the decade since I last saw Billy Bragg perform live. I moved away from the UK to become a foreign correspondent. My politics have undergone the inevitable overhaul of age. And I’ve grown a beard. … Continue reading

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A punt on dinner

Guy Fieri is rarely off my telly. For two reasons. His bleached, spiked hair turns up on a heck of a lot of programmes and, if I’m honest, I do tend to spend a lot of time watching food channels. … Continue reading

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Introducing America with Relish

So I’d been thinking about setting up this blog for a while before I came to New York. It would be a place to write about the US through the medium of burgers. I like burgers, you see.  The name … Continue reading

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The Ferguson Burger Bar and more

It seemed the obvious idea to a businessman and his MBA wife. Open a business together, one close to home, where they could spend time working in each other’s company. They found it. A burger bar that was struggling to … Continue reading

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“Some people loot, some people step back and watch – I cook.”

The first rule of hostile environment training is not to run towards danger. Always walk. Keep assessing your environment. So when I saw smoke billowing from what’s left of the QuikTrip petrol station in Ferguson, hit by night after night of … Continue reading

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